Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I promise to...

Keep up with you guys. I just finished studying and doing homework for my Sociology class. I have my On Campus math class tomorrow, I'll tell you how it goes! For now, I have been behind in commenting and viewing blog posts, but I solemnly swear I will catch up some how, some way! Hey I am trying to get all A's OK?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick! get me a calendar...

I have been online studying for the past 5 hours. Reading, posting to discussions, trying to figure out how this dang TI-84 graphing calculator works! My head is officially swimming! I have figured out that no measly little pretty journal pad will hold all of my important due dates. Dates for exams, homework submittal, discussion post entries, quiz dates... NONE OF IT WILL FIT! Sooooo, I will either purchase or start printing off calendar sheets and I'll mark up those pages in red, green, purple, yellow and whatever color of the rainbow I can create. I am going to get it together and make it work. Somehow I'll have to pencil in my husband and children in between all of that, AND responding to my beautiful blogging peeps! Ahhhh! Is the semester over yet?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Introduction Into Psychology

Tonight I posted my introduction on my Psychology 1101 discussion thread. We had to tell a little about ourselves, what our major is, some of our interests and what chapters of our textbook we found would be most interesting relating to our field of study. Can I tell you how awesome it was to write that my major is in Nursing? It gave me a sense of knowing, knowing that I have chosen an actually meaningful and hopefully fulfilling career. Tonight I intend to complete the readings on 2 of the chapters of required reading that's due by the 26th. I have already finished reading chapter 1 of my Sociology book which is due for discussion by the 26th as well. There's tons of reading and I always feel like I am a little behind (which I am not) but I get the feeling everytime I log into class I have missed something. I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself with getting all A's. I do however feel that if I don't I won't be a competitive candidate getting into the Nursing program. That worries the heck out of me, which in turn puts pressure on... Me and hubby made a bet (with tons of coercing from me) that if I get straight A's in all 5 of my classes during Summer semester I can get my Livescribe Pulse Smartpen for note taking. So yeah! for that, but booo for even more pressure. Anywhooo, have a peek at my slightly edited (for privacy purposes) Intro Into Psychology.

Due: May, 26th 2010

My Intro: Psychology

Hi Everyone! I'm ********, originally from *** now residing in ***,**. I've been here for * years and I absolutely love it. I have 3 children, 2 daughters (ages 8 and 1) and a son (age 2) and am happily married to my great & supportive husband who happens to also be a student at ***. I'm a full time Executive Assistant for a Regional Planning agency in ******* and have called it my "second home" for 5 years. I love what I do but don't feel fulfilled in calling it a career. I'm seeking a degree in Nursing not only because I know in my heart that it will be rewarding giving care to others but for the simple fact that it is "never ending". There is always someone to help, someone who will need a shoulder to cry, someone who could possibly be touched by my drive to care and someone who may only need to hear the words "it will be ok". Call me crazy but I also love the smell of hospitals. It smells so sterile, fresh and disinfected (although that could be far from the truth) but I absolutely love it (OCD?). I look forward to the next adventure life has to share. Online learning is fairly new to me, somewhat more complex but exciting (if only for now) but I am sure the experience will be amazing if I program my mind to it. It's all about how you look at the journey as to whether or not it will be enjoyable or crappy regardless of the ultimate goal. My journey for now: work hard & study hard for all A's which could be really crappy if I put too much pressure on myself, but it could be made enjoyable if I do the best that I can and give it my all. Either way I'll be proud of myself that I took this first step.

When it comes to the chapters of the book I would be most interested in, I would have to say that of course going into the field of Nursing all of the ordered chapters are indeed relevant and will be necessary. Chapter 1: Thinking Critically - definitely an interest, considering most patients would want a nurse that can think on her/his toes including outside of the box. Chapter 3: Nature, Nuture & Diversity - another major interest knowing that patients come in an array of colors, shape size, etc. No two patients will ever be the same. For my future this entire class will be highly utilized when entering into the field of Healthcare.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Am I Bipolar?

No offense to anyone who is... Promise! I swear I feel like a totally different person. Like things have been put into perspective overnight. All seems right with the world if only for this moment and I believe I can tackle anything. Maybe it's because I know I have a wonderful support system, or knowing I have another place to vent my frustrations and my blogger buddies won't judge me. Could it be, nerves? With all that has happened, will happen and what I have to look forward to. I just feel really confident in my future in Nursing, so much so that I bought a coffee mug from the school bookstore that read School of Nursing - I feel that secure in my decision, in my future, in my life...If this is what it feels like to be bipolar, then count me in and toss me some meds...I'm sure it is so much more in depth that I couldn't begin to wrap my head around it, and my heart breaks for someone who actually is bipolar, but for the moment...I had a great day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

M.I.A! But now I'm back...

I had the crappiest weeks of all weeks that any sane person could possibly have had last week. I was so emotional. I went from not knowing if I was going to remain employed, to running around trying to gather last minute paperwork for the weekend CNA class that is an hour away from my house, to ordering my books for school and still having to wait for the order to process because the financial aid office claimed to have never received my signed Master Promissory Note (it was completed and signed in March). My hubby had to purchase all of my books for me on his account! OMG, this has been a complete and utter nightmare. I couldn't believe I didn't even have the strength to blog about it, to vent my frustrations and receive the kind words of encouragement. Nope, just didn't feel like doing it. But I realized this blog world totally is an outlet an incredibly strong, positive outlet that I really need. Some of my dear bloggy friends missed me and I have missed them, that made me feel awesome.

In about a week or so, I plan to get my laptop my hubby promised me and I know it will be so much easier to blog in bed verses at the desk that is in my daughter's room, or on the blackberry or even the dang IPOD Touch. The screens are just terribly too small. Anywhooo, I went to visit the CNA school that was dang near in the next state.. lol I was supposed to start last Saturday, but couldn't get all of the documents in on time (criminal history, PPD was complete, lab work etc.) So now there are two schools that offer the weekend program, both of which are waiting for a minimum of six people in order to start a June 26th class. Once again I WAIT!. I'm ready, they are not. Such a headache. I logged into my classes that are online, tons of assignments already to complete, exams on June 1st. (I'll post schedule of coursework *online and campus* sometime this week). I feel as though I am already behind in my reading, I have been trying to read everywhere that I can and that is only for 2 of my classes (I have 5). So much catching up to do, ALREADY... I purchased all of my notebooks, my organizer, pens, pencils, highlighters and these really cute new post-it notes, that are removable and rewritable with tabs. Hopefully I can get completely organized and stay that way... Any suggestions? Study tips, organization keys? Offers of mental stability advice??? Glad to be back!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Got Nothing...

Plus I'm tired! Hope everyone's week has started out being a great one.. I think mine will be a little better than last week. Wooo hooo! So in the words of my 2 year old.."Night Night!"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! Birthday Parties & All that Jazz...

Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous Moms out there!! To all the mom's to be, you rock too!!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our son's 2 year bd with a little house party, and I promised to post some pictures of my "mini" SpongeBob bd decor. Here's what I have to share... Enjoy!

***School Update***
Completed my PPD screening today (for CNA program), go back in 48-72 hours to make sure I haven't been exposed to Tuberculosis!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Nurses Day, Week, Month, Year!

Good News, Bad News Bears and Fortune Cookies...

I hate when I miss a day of blogging. I feel empty inside, like I have missed out on something. Ever get the feeling? I have felt so down the last couple of days, no matter how hard I have tried to be positive. I am a positive person and my hubby is even more positiver (is that a word?) than I am. He's the type that still believes in Santa (for the kids of course). But he is so good about that, the pieces will just always fall into place. I want that kind of karma. I told you about the blocking of Blogger at work, well guess what? It is just me! A couple of others but mainly me (I guess) and it is easier for me to believe that it is just me in order for me to feel pathetic right now.. lol AND! It's up to the manager to request it! Now if you know the relationship we have you would really question why... But I won't. This was my push to keep my focus, to not lose ground and become content within my job; as I have. Now don't get me wrong I really like my job, but I want to love my Career. So I won't worry. Maybe it will all blow over, maybe it won't; but quite honestly my heart hurts too much to care.

We ate Chinese food Wednesday night. With Chinese food we always get the yummy fortune cookies but they most certainly don't last long enough for us to actually take a look at the fortunes inside. This time they did and we read every last one. I remember a while back I read a fortune, one of which I still have today; it said "You will make a name for yourself in the field of Medicine" that blew me away. I opened that fortune around the same time I finally made the decision to actually go to Nursing school. Wow... The first fortune I read said "You will get a surprise promotion" The second fortune that was read (my hubby) said "An unexpected event will soon bring you fortune". Now I don't know about the promotion (quite frankly that one seems like the total opposite is about to happen.. lol)but the second one, I do believe. It may not be money, but I will soon have a wealth of knowledge in the field I so desperately want to succeed in. Those words I will carry with me...

My financial aid has finally posted!!! Phew! Thank goodness, because I really needed some good news today. I think that was the best news I have heard all week, maybe this is a sign that the weekend will get better.

And the greatest news of all??? I may actually be starting the CNA weekend program next Saturday!! It will last for 11 weeks (May 15 - August 15) no Sundays. Now I have to make the final decision after looking over all of the details with my hubby. Get my PPD screening, pick up my criminal history, take my drug screening and register with all of my documents and a payment of $200.00. (Payments are made through time of exam)total of $695.00 not including scrubs. Scrubs color for clinicals is Georgia Bulldog Red! Not my most flattering color but okay. For class, it is your choice. I know it sounds like a mouthful to swallow, but after all of that bad news.. What choice do I have? I think this is the best decision making I have done in a long time. To think all I needed was a little internet push to try to crush my dreams before I really got the revelation... lol

We'll have to pick up on another date for the convo on the Nursing Honor Society. I am beat!!!! Hope everyone had a fabulous week!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Utter Disgust

Imagine my surprise when trying to post a new comment on my blog today and I find out my office has now blocked any blogging websites that exist on the web! WTH? After 5 years, now they decide to monitor what people are doing. I mean come on, is someone doing something about those (that will remain nameless) who sit on Facebook all day long on company time? Oh wait a minute I am not totally blocked or rather (the employees) oh no, they allot us a quota time of 60 mins.. lol Translation: WEB SEARCH ON YOUR LUNCH BREAK OR NOT AT ALL! So now I have to wait to update until I get home since the screen on my blackberry is entirely too small to try to blog on it. NOPE AIN'T GONNA DO IT! Besides my hubby promised to get me a brand new laptop in a few weeks for school and of course since he sees how much I love to blog. Major disappointment today but so totally over it!

So here's something I will be writing about tomorrow:
The Honor Society of Nursing / Sigma Theta Tau International
Any thoughts on it?

Pssss... Pray for my hubby, he has been studying really really hard to pass his pre-calculus final which is this evening. I'd really appreciate it sweet friends!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pin Cushions

I walk/ran a little over 4 miles today with my co-worker.. We've been trying to keep up with it for about a month now and we go at least 3 times a week. My office building has a shower in it, which is beneficial but always makes me feel like being away at camp, since I have to wear my flipflops.. Yuck! Although I must say it is much better than sitting back at my desk smelling like my seven year old does after she has rolled in the grass all day with her friends. Double Yuck!

My hubby seems to be mad at me, not sure why. He says he isn't and that he is just trying to focus on studying (which I am sure he is, since his final is tomorrow) but have you ever gotten the one word answers or short phone calls, or the greeting of yep instead of the usual hey boo...? Got all of those today. I hate when it's like that, I just want to snuggle with him all the time, and the same goes for him. I miss him when we are at work apart... Why do couples have to have bad moments?

I put in a partial order for my textbooks last night. Partial only because, the rest were unavailable or the professor hasn't put them out there. Here is the exact invoice:
Loeb / Soul Of A Citizen LOEB, MPS, PAPERBACK, 99 ISBN 0-312-20435-3 $16.95 1 $16.95
Angel / My Math Lab Web Ct Code ANGEL, PEARSON HIGHER EDUCATION ISBN 0-321-50734-7 $72.50 1 $72.50
Braden / Foundations Of Academic Inquiry Package ( BRADEN, PEARSON HIGHER EDUCATION, PACKAGE, 1, 10 ISBN 0-558-17499-X $55.50 1 $55.50
Angel / Elementary Algebra For Coll Studnts Pkg Ks ANGEL, PEARSON HIGHER EDUCATION, 1 ISBN 978-0-558-35844-0 $113.65 1 $113.65
Axelrod / St Martins Guide To Writing (w/ Mla Upda AXELROD, MPS, HARDBACK, 8, 09 ISBN 0-312-60354-1 $80.00 1 $80.00

Purchase Subtotal $338.60
Shipping $4.95
Tax $20.32
Purchase Total $363.87

I went online today to check my book order status, because I am just so excited about everything... You'll never guess what is said, with my luck it kind of comes with the territory...
Order Detail
Order Number 124588
Order Date 5/3/2010

LOL!! Can you flipping believe it!? They cancelled my order, why? Because my financial aid still has NOT posted to my account. Everytime I call, I get the same response: Summer is being put in manually, your account just hasn't been awarded yet, no you aren't missing any documents. Ahhh! Do you understand they cancelled my book order because it takes you people a year and a day to press a button?!
I really want to cry, my hubby is mad at me and I can't even get my books. When it rains it pours and floods with pin cushions for life boats...

Monday, May 3, 2010

This Day Ain't Great Either!


Ahhh!!! Thank you Mother Nature for knocking down the trees during the rain storm on the Interstate this morning causing my commute time to increase to 2 hours! Thank you diet for making me feel hungry all the @#%* time! Thank you CNA program that can only schedule the course if 6 people minimum have registered and PAID their money in advance. Ahhh!!! OMG, why is this happening to me? Will it get any better? NO! Thank you boss for taking the rest of the week off even though I wanted to ask for tomorrow off in order to get my PPD and MMR shot completed for my file for the CNA program I will probably never get to take. Thanks a @#%* lot for all of my run on sentences.. Who cares! My blog, my vent! I'm a good person, I fight for the rights of others, I just want to be a flipping NURSE. Am I asking for too much?? All the other pieces are falling into place, maybe I am overreacting? I'll take a step back and analyze the situation. I got accepted to the school I wanted to attend, we have the funds to get my CNA certificate, I am currently employed, I could have been underneath the tree on the interstate when it fell. Alright, I'm better....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bait and Switch

I was so upset yesterday I didn't get a chance to blog. I wanted to wallow in my own sorrow. So I did... I told you Friday was my day for orientation at fantastic school in Georgia (fantastic my *&&) ok well it is still fantastic, but I was a little disappointed. I arrived at the school at 10:15, orientation begins at 11:00 so there is time enough for me to head to financial aid to check on the status. As my hubby figured, once you register, the system kicks in and your aid posts to your account. Great! I head out the door to make my way to the _____ _____ building. Can't find it, and the frigging map of campus they supply ~ seriously I have to figure this out? I am panicking, sweating, my outfit and makeup aren't so cute anymore. Quick, call hubby.. Me: Babe, how do I get to ____ ____ building? Hubby: Alright, follow the brick path, Me: uhhh there are three brick paths, one being across the campus green.. I have to walk all the way back over there?? Hubby: Well honey that is the only way I know to go, Me: (mentally ~ AHHHHH! Gee thanks (although I know I shouldn't be frustrated with him) Hubby: Ok, do you see the path through the tennis court, Me: NO! Hubby: You should, there is a parking lot. Me: Oh ok, so now where is the building? Hubby: It should be on the right, do you see it? Me: (panicking, anxiety attack, to the point of tears, I have only 5 mins to make it. OMG)NO! I DON'T SEE IT, YOU AREN'T HELPING ME, YOU NEVER HELP ME! (really bold of a statement to make that isn't true) Hubby: Calm down, you'll make it, send me a picture of the location. Me: No forget it, I don't need you to help me! (so wrong, in so many ways). Me: CLICK! (phone call to hubby, why did I just hang up on him) Excuse me, where is the ___ ___ building? Student walking by: It's the building in front of you. Me: Thank you! (running, out of breath, sweating) I made it with time to spare! Me: (phone dialing - I'm sorry baby, I should never have said those things to you, forgive me? Hubby: Yes, I know you are frustrated and nervous, I want you to have a good day, text me when you can.. Love you. Me: Love you too and thank you.. I'm in, the line is out of the door, dang I should have gotten here a little earlier, no biggie. I sign in, get my name tag, ok so I am not the oldest one here, phew! Wait, why do I have a letter underneath my name? What do you mean take this bracelet and skip the Majors table, huh? Go the other direction? Why? Does the letter mean I have to go sit in orientation with other Nursing majors? NO! Well what does it mean? My Compass scores, WTH? Fine, but I can choose my major later? Ugh whatever! I head into the auditorium with about 150 other "freshman". Blah, blah.. Fastforward to lunch break: Yeah!! So you want to be a nurse, and you, and you, oh you too? Cool! Obviously they broke up my group to Nursing majors, oh ok the Dean totally didn't know what she was talking about. Fastforward to registration time: WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN NOT TAKE ANY OTHER CLASSES UNTIL I REGISTER FOR MAT 097? Come on, they only offer that either in the day or evening - not online. Ok, there is a MAT 099 that combines 097 and 098? Not in the summer?? AHHH!!! Ok, stay calm, talk to the advisor. Me: Hi, do I have to take this class now, I had my entire schedule mapped out, I was going to take MAT 097 in the fall in order for me to complete my CNA course now and then some of my pre reqs for Nursing now. Advisor: Well yes, that is why your group was broken down into this orientation (separate from the others) you have to take it now, but you can register for your other pre reqs along with that for Summer. Me: No you don't understand, I work full time right now, I have to do it my way with my schedule, isn't there something I can do? Advisor: Hold on, let me find out.. No, I'm sorry, this is the only way. AHHH!!! OMG, I have to rearrange my entire dang schedule, (panicking, sweating, can I run out of the room, is it too late to apply to the state university? Come on brain. THINK, THINK! Call hubby! Me: explain everything, my life is over, the world has ended (in my mind anyway)Hubby: No, calm down, choose all of the classes you were originally going to take and we will find you a CNA program for weekend or just wait until Fall. Me: I can't wait until Fall, because I have to take 098 then, so back in the same boat. AHHH! Hubby: Just choose your classes for evening and online, we'll figure it out, we'll register for the other classes I am holding for you as well, hopefully that will work. By the way, it sounds like the old Bait and Switch theory (get you in, then say hey take this and shove it!)

I got my classes I wanted but I felt sick for the rest of the day. I wanted to cry, why does this happen? I am so close, yet so far. Why me? These are all the thoughts running through my head as I walk back across the campus green to the parking garage. I happen to notice, one of the girls who was apart of my orientation group is crying on her cell phone. She must feel the same way I do. Well she actually had it worse, come to find out, if you did horribly on the math portion of the Compass exam, you have more of a selection of your pre reqs and general core to choose from, on the other hand if you did horribly on the reading and writing, well screw you basically. The selection may be like 3 or 4. Guess which she failed? I felt like crap, so many emotions. I just wanted to get home, hoping I could get the 3 other classes my hubby was holding for me.

10:15 p.m. and we are down in front of the computer, will it work? Will there be someone out there waiting to get classes that are closed? Please oh please! Class 1 - we'll let go of Philosophy since I am already at 12 credit hours. I prefer to get my pre reqs done. Does it work? YES! Hooray! (I'll take that class at a later date) Class 2 - Psychology - Oh I really, really need this one... YES! Hooray!! Class 3 - Sociology, YES! Hooray again!! Thank Goodness, something worked out...

Now lets see if we can find you a weekend CNA course shall we? Forget the paperwork you have already completed with the local CNA program director. No money was exchanged yet, so this will be a cool breeze. ONE! Only one, you have got to be kidding me?? I am too late to register, has to be done 2 weeks prior to the beginning of class? Class starts in 2 weeks, lol of course it does!! AHHH! Ok, ok that's cool. I'll wait, call on Monday? Cool! Where are you located? - AHHH! All the way over there? Fine, that's reasonable.

In a sense it all worked out and yes I did get to choose my major, but the hoops that had to be jumped in order to get there. I guess anything worth having is worth fighting for.. right?

My schedule:

Tues and Thurs
English 1101 / 5:00 - 7:45 P.M.
Elem Algebra 0097 / 8:00 - 10:45 P.M.

Freshman Seminar
Political Science

Saturday and Sunday (beginning date - TBA)
CNA Course

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