Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pin Cushions

I walk/ran a little over 4 miles today with my co-worker.. We've been trying to keep up with it for about a month now and we go at least 3 times a week. My office building has a shower in it, which is beneficial but always makes me feel like being away at camp, since I have to wear my flipflops.. Yuck! Although I must say it is much better than sitting back at my desk smelling like my seven year old does after she has rolled in the grass all day with her friends. Double Yuck!

My hubby seems to be mad at me, not sure why. He says he isn't and that he is just trying to focus on studying (which I am sure he is, since his final is tomorrow) but have you ever gotten the one word answers or short phone calls, or the greeting of yep instead of the usual hey boo...? Got all of those today. I hate when it's like that, I just want to snuggle with him all the time, and the same goes for him. I miss him when we are at work apart... Why do couples have to have bad moments?

I put in a partial order for my textbooks last night. Partial only because, the rest were unavailable or the professor hasn't put them out there. Here is the exact invoice:
Loeb / Soul Of A Citizen LOEB, MPS, PAPERBACK, 99 ISBN 0-312-20435-3 $16.95 1 $16.95
Angel / My Math Lab Web Ct Code ANGEL, PEARSON HIGHER EDUCATION ISBN 0-321-50734-7 $72.50 1 $72.50
Braden / Foundations Of Academic Inquiry Package ( BRADEN, PEARSON HIGHER EDUCATION, PACKAGE, 1, 10 ISBN 0-558-17499-X $55.50 1 $55.50
Angel / Elementary Algebra For Coll Studnts Pkg Ks ANGEL, PEARSON HIGHER EDUCATION, 1 ISBN 978-0-558-35844-0 $113.65 1 $113.65
Axelrod / St Martins Guide To Writing (w/ Mla Upda AXELROD, MPS, HARDBACK, 8, 09 ISBN 0-312-60354-1 $80.00 1 $80.00

Purchase Subtotal $338.60
Shipping $4.95
Tax $20.32
Purchase Total $363.87

I went online today to check my book order status, because I am just so excited about everything... You'll never guess what is said, with my luck it kind of comes with the territory...
Order Detail
Order Number 124588
Order Date 5/3/2010

LOL!! Can you flipping believe it!? They cancelled my order, why? Because my financial aid still has NOT posted to my account. Everytime I call, I get the same response: Summer is being put in manually, your account just hasn't been awarded yet, no you aren't missing any documents. Ahhh! Do you understand they cancelled my book order because it takes you people a year and a day to press a button?!
I really want to cry, my hubby is mad at me and I can't even get my books. When it rains it pours and floods with pin cushions for life boats...


  1. you must be attending as incompetent of a school as I am. Morons.

    Especially after being at a wonderful 4 year school where things moved like clock work. I totally get the frustration. Just tell them you'll sue. I don't what you'd sue for, but no business likes that word ;)

    I tried to go for a run today, but couldn't breathe after about 2 minutes and have been sneezing ever since. I'm 98.42% sure I am allergic to running. At least outside! The same thing seriously happens every time I try to do it. You know, the 2 times a year it sounds like a good idea...

    And girl, we talked about this, you need to set up your account so I can reply to your comments on my blog via email! It's just me :) agrees! But yes, going to college together would have shhhaaaweeet!

  2. Ok Marianne, you are going to think I am a lame o with a CAPITAL L! How do I set up the email notification you guys are talking about? Not so prissy huh?? lol I want to bust somebody in the eye up there and press the button for them. Why does it have to be so hard? After all of this, NS better be a breeze..

  3. I just wrote an entire post on how to do it, just for you.

    Once you do it, will you comment so I can see if the second step I had is correct? Shanks!

  4. Oh geez! I swear. Hopefully all this crap just means that once you really hit the ground running you will have all the kinks out of the way.

  5. @Marianne: OK, I think I did it.. lol

    @It's just me: Please oh please, let that be the case. Hey from the looks of it, we may be going the same time.. Yeah!!!

  6. I was wrong with the step on how to link your email to your comment. But it's corrected, so re-read and do it! LOL.

    And yes, enter YOUR email address in the comment notification address. And in the other place you have to enter an email address.

    And don't worry, I had 5 comments today that were no reply comment, so that's what really, truly drove me to do it. Plus, I had explained it to someone else today already and just figured I might as well put it out there for all to see :)

    Try it now, por favor!

  7. Yeah me!! I think I actually got it working correctly!!

  8. Incompetence is a way of life at most schools I've found. I've come to the conclusion it's a result of two idiotic assumptions on their part:

    a.) It's just a job. To them, it's just a job. I think they forget that this our FUTURE they're dealing with.

    b.) We're all young stupid college kids that don't care. They assume that we aren't smart enough, old enough, or have enough life experience to actually realize when we are being jerked around. And if we did recognize it we're not smart enough, old enough, or have enough life experience to do anything about it.

    I've had enough bad experiences with school administration to know that gentle re-education by working the chain of command gets results, and quickly, with those points I mentioned above.

  9. @nurseXY: you are totally right. Example: when I went in for orientation, there were a bunch of people directing us, and these people didn't have a clue. Some of the "kids" that were leading the orientation were acting really goofy. Umm hello I'm an adult - where are your parents? It just really pissed me off. Nothing is important! Well I'm sorry this is important to me. Grant it, yes it should have mattered a couple of years ago but I am making up for lost time. Hmphh


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