Friday, September 17, 2010

HELP! I'm tired...

I'm exhausted, mentally, physically, everythingally, TIRED! I drag myself through the door, I drag myself out the door. Is it worth it? I guess it is, but where the heck are the fruits of my labor? To top it off, I keep adding more tasks to my daily life. I applied for a group leadership position in my Communications class and got it (task), I have added projects (task), still haven't finished my CNA class (task), I am going to be volunteering at the city's trauma 1 hospital (task). WHY? Why can't I stop? I want to slow down, I thought the fall was going to be easier... My body seems to want to shut down, my eyes are starting to suffer from the stress. I now have what they think may be rheumatoid arthritis or iritis or lupus.. lol Yes I know, no laughing matter, but come on is it really that hard to diagnose? Don't tell me I have conjunctivitis again. I DON'T! So just say, "Ms. I am sorry, we don't know what is wrong with you, so we'll give you Tobramycin again and send you off on your merry way." Seriously? Help! Someone get me a surrogate so I don't have to leave my house anymore!

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