Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grades - Fall Semester 2012

Okay, so I am starting off a little shakey. I need to get focused. First tests of the semester: Math 1111 (ugh I really need to get through it this time and not withdraw) (85) on first test, Political Science (75) on first test but exceptional posts (taking it online). I also have an ART class, but the class is so random - you can choose 4 posts (also online) and respond for the entire semester. Ugh I cannot function like that - ADHD, I need to meet you with every week professor! I know I can do better and I will do better - heck my career depends on it! How about you share (or rather PLEASE SHARE) your studying techniques, organization skills, etc. (I swear I may have asked this in another post 2 years ago, lol).

I thought about trying to combine my daily life (outside of school) really in depth -family, work, etc. on my blog, but I'm sorry this is where I want to come to just be free and not really worry about giving the updates of the day to day juggles unless I absolutely feel it necessary or let's say someone asks... I am sure my posts will get more exciting the further into the process I get - but I will be honest, when I was searching for posts on Nursing School students, nurses, doctors, etc. no one really goes into detail on the "beginning" process, pre - reqs, apps, going the traditional route. I've read alot about direct entry, bridging, lpn-rn, students without children, already being in a program, etc. (I love the word etcetera). I am none of those - i am a non traditional 31 year old with 4 babies, no previous degree of any sort, a full time job, a husband and FULL responsibilities. I get nervous and sick as all get out whenever I think about having to actually give up my steady paycheck that I have received for the past 7 years with my company to begin full Nursing School. Who does that??? Am I whining? I am whining.

Sidebar: I cannot wait until Season 9 of Grey's hits!!!!!!!!! I have waited all summer for this - I tried to replace, well not replace (you just can't replace Grey's) okay, compensate with watching NYMed, while good - uhhh hello bring back some more episodes - I am sure it was just a feeler to see if the good people like it. Yes we do! But Grey's HECKS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

So Excited!

It is so much fun to log into my blog and see so many people interested in what I find to be interesting - NURSING! For a moment I got a little frustrated and didn't want to be bothered with blogging. Didn't think I had anything that interesting to say. But I can honestly say I was totally wrong. This is where I can freely pour my heart on the table (as much as HIPAA will allow:-) and if I am judged so what, you are able to freely pour your heart on the table as well even if that means judging. I have been given a second opportunity to share my experiences as I journey into my career that I call a passion. The road is a long one ahead - some have already traveled it and some are taking the same journey as I am, but through guidance, advice, tears, laughter, encouragement and everything in between it will be well worth it when we can proudly clock in with RN behind our names.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Wanted to wish everyone a memorable Labor Day! Cherish each moment that you have with your family.
***Welcome to Curlygirl - thanks for hanging out at my blogspot! Hope you enjoy and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!!

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