Sunday, July 25, 2010


Phew! This has been a whirlwind of a summer for me and the fam... I finally had just a few minutes to sit back, relax, and well try to remember all that I have done so far. MY BRAIN HURTS! Classes are just about done and I couldn't be HAPPIER!!! So far, I've made an A in Sociology and my Freshman Seminar, praying for an A in English, but my Professor is one of those Philosophical types whooooo claims to never give A's unless you speak like So who knows on that front. I am hoping for a B in Math which is my remedial class so it doesn't count towards my GPA; and considering I went into this class thinking I was going to leave with a big fat "D" a "B" will be greatly appreciated. 3.66 hoping for a 4.0 is my new name until Tuesday when I take my last and final, well Ahhh!! I am tired, tired, tired. I just registered for the Fall semester and hate every single class that I am taking, EVEN more than my Summer classes. I can't take Chem because every freshman on the planet has scooped it up so every class is closed. HUMPH! Basically everything is closed and I was stuck with slim pickings, but Spring semester should be totally different. For Fall I am taking Poli Science and Psychology (since I dropped them both in the Summer, because I was going to keel over from stress), Communications, American History, and Math 0098(closing to my remedial math 0097). YUCK,YUCK, YUCK, THEY ALL SUCK! As you can see I am definitely not looking forward to the Fall, especially since Psychology is the only class that applies directly to me getting into the Nursing Program ASAP! Wahhh, Wahhh!

Speaking of Nursing, I haven't been around much to tell you about my CNA course, which I am absolutely in love with. I am into Day 4 (Saturday classes) and we have gone over medical terms, bed making with and without occupant, CPR, Vital Signs and Hand Washing. OOOOHHH SO MUCH FUN! I get to practice on my classmates and then get to come home and practice on my poor unsuspecting hubby.. lol He actually gets into character and plays my patients, if I mess up he makes me re-do the skill again.. lol Love it! I am now thinking about taking a phlebotomy class after I finish the CNA program, so my hubby better watch out for the needles! I have already decided on which hospital I am going to volunteer at (just for the heck of it) and have printed the application, just waiting to get up the nerve to actually send it in. Somedays I feel as though I am in way over my head and that maybe I can't do it, but then I look at what I have accomplished as well as what I am continuing to do in such a short time and definitely don't regret anything. Hopefully in this short break, I'll get to catch up on all that I have missed and enjoy my "summer vaca".

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