Saturday, August 21, 2010

It doesn't even feel like Fall...

Fall Pictures, Images and PhotosAnd here I am already in the second week of the Fall Semester while it is 105 degrees outside. (sigh) I like all of my professors so far (knock on wood) don't really have time to "like" my classmates, but such is life. Fall is definitely different than Summer in that, 1: I have to find parking and I circle around one parking garage (the closest one to all of my classes) for ONE entire hour, luckily my first class doesn't begin until 6:30. Yes, I am lazy as I refuse to walk across campus and park in the other garage. I am also thankful that I didn't take another 5 pm class like I did in the Summer. I was always a nervous wreck by the time I finally made it to class. I was constantly trying to beat traffic leaving work at 4 and still barely making it on time. UGH! So this semester I decided against that. I do intend on joining the fitness center at school though. There are tons of group exercise classes that begin at 5:15 and last for an hour, just enough time to get a little workout and make it to class. Working out perfectly; if only I could guarantee finding a parking spot in time to make it to that 5:15 fitness class. UGH again!

Have I mentioned I am exactly 27% complete before graduating with a BS in Nursing? lol. I know it sounds sooooo far away, BUT I am closer today than what I was this time last year, so woot woot to that! If only the leaves would fall and turn brown, then maybe I would feel as though I should be in a classroom studying for my future rather than tanning by the beach. Humph!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This couldn't possibly have been summer break!

IT'S OVER! Time has gotten the best of me and now I have approximately 4 days 2 hours and some minutes until Fall semester starts. OMG! Where did summer go? I didn't even have time to catch up and have a little fun on my blog. So many things have happened to my bloggy friends that I have missed. Babies have been born, nursing school acceptance letters have been received, CNA classes are almost completed for some. WOW! So proud of everyone!! As for me, since I never got a chance to fill you all in, I made an A in Sociology, an A in Seminar, a B in English (he sucks!) and a B in the nightmare from heck: MATH 0097 (NOT COUNTED TOWARDS MY GPA), BUT I am so proud of my B, considering I was ready to throw in the towel and just knew I was the only person in the world who didn't understand algebraic equations and that I couldn't possibly become a nurse. BUT NOPE! I did it and with a 3.66!! And now I sit back and count the hours before school begins again, a part of me excited and a part of me already tired. This semester I am taking Psych and Political Science (since I wound up dropping those over the summer in order to maintain my GPA), Communications and part two to my dreaded Math class 0098, yuck! My CNA class has been going very well and I love my classmates! Tommorrow we are having a potluck and catheter maintenance, huh? ugh! Those two don't even sound good in the same sentence, but oh well...I do have a little disappointing news; I was supposed to be starting my clinicals in 2 weeks, but due to some schedule conflicts at work, I won't be able to complete my clinicals until October. This means that in 2 Saturdays I will have to start with a new class on their day 5, the good in this is that I get to double up on my skills and pretty much get a refresher since I would have already done what the new class will be working on. So boo and yeah! I am very nervous about clinicals, I am very nervous about the state exam, I am just nervous point blank!

Well, I have Lasagna in the oven baking for my potluck tomorrow, and I am trying to stay awake, but the thought of having to be up at 6 tomorrow is also making me nervous! Miss you all, night!

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