Saturday, August 21, 2010

It doesn't even feel like Fall...

Fall Pictures, Images and PhotosAnd here I am already in the second week of the Fall Semester while it is 105 degrees outside. (sigh) I like all of my professors so far (knock on wood) don't really have time to "like" my classmates, but such is life. Fall is definitely different than Summer in that, 1: I have to find parking and I circle around one parking garage (the closest one to all of my classes) for ONE entire hour, luckily my first class doesn't begin until 6:30. Yes, I am lazy as I refuse to walk across campus and park in the other garage. I am also thankful that I didn't take another 5 pm class like I did in the Summer. I was always a nervous wreck by the time I finally made it to class. I was constantly trying to beat traffic leaving work at 4 and still barely making it on time. UGH! So this semester I decided against that. I do intend on joining the fitness center at school though. There are tons of group exercise classes that begin at 5:15 and last for an hour, just enough time to get a little workout and make it to class. Working out perfectly; if only I could guarantee finding a parking spot in time to make it to that 5:15 fitness class. UGH again!

Have I mentioned I am exactly 27% complete before graduating with a BS in Nursing? lol. I know it sounds sooooo far away, BUT I am closer today than what I was this time last year, so woot woot to that! If only the leaves would fall and turn brown, then maybe I would feel as though I should be in a classroom studying for my future rather than tanning by the beach. Humph!


  1. Sense I live in FL.. I always want to be on the beach! :P No matter the time of year!


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