Sunday, July 25, 2010


Phew! This has been a whirlwind of a summer for me and the fam... I finally had just a few minutes to sit back, relax, and well try to remember all that I have done so far. MY BRAIN HURTS! Classes are just about done and I couldn't be HAPPIER!!! So far, I've made an A in Sociology and my Freshman Seminar, praying for an A in English, but my Professor is one of those Philosophical types whooooo claims to never give A's unless you speak like So who knows on that front. I am hoping for a B in Math which is my remedial class so it doesn't count towards my GPA; and considering I went into this class thinking I was going to leave with a big fat "D" a "B" will be greatly appreciated. 3.66 hoping for a 4.0 is my new name until Tuesday when I take my last and final, well Ahhh!! I am tired, tired, tired. I just registered for the Fall semester and hate every single class that I am taking, EVEN more than my Summer classes. I can't take Chem because every freshman on the planet has scooped it up so every class is closed. HUMPH! Basically everything is closed and I was stuck with slim pickings, but Spring semester should be totally different. For Fall I am taking Poli Science and Psychology (since I dropped them both in the Summer, because I was going to keel over from stress), Communications, American History, and Math 0098(closing to my remedial math 0097). YUCK,YUCK, YUCK, THEY ALL SUCK! As you can see I am definitely not looking forward to the Fall, especially since Psychology is the only class that applies directly to me getting into the Nursing Program ASAP! Wahhh, Wahhh!

Speaking of Nursing, I haven't been around much to tell you about my CNA course, which I am absolutely in love with. I am into Day 4 (Saturday classes) and we have gone over medical terms, bed making with and without occupant, CPR, Vital Signs and Hand Washing. OOOOHHH SO MUCH FUN! I get to practice on my classmates and then get to come home and practice on my poor unsuspecting hubby.. lol He actually gets into character and plays my patients, if I mess up he makes me re-do the skill again.. lol Love it! I am now thinking about taking a phlebotomy class after I finish the CNA program, so my hubby better watch out for the needles! I have already decided on which hospital I am going to volunteer at (just for the heck of it) and have printed the application, just waiting to get up the nerve to actually send it in. Somedays I feel as though I am in way over my head and that maybe I can't do it, but then I look at what I have accomplished as well as what I am continuing to do in such a short time and definitely don't regret anything. Hopefully in this short break, I'll get to catch up on all that I have missed and enjoy my "summer vaca".


  1. Hey good for you!! wow! Those are great marks! You should be so proud of yourself! :)
    Glad you are enjoying the classes....I had to laugh about you having your hubby be your patient... :) At present my husband IS my patient and I am having trouble getting him to co-operate! Anyway...I am proud of you! :)

  2. You are gonna make such an awesome Nurse! Keep up the great work!

  3. Good job with your classes! Keep pressing!

  4. Hey girl, how did your classes end? How is your CNA class going?? We need an update. :)

  5. Hello!! I am your newest follower :) I saw that you had stopped by my blog and wanted to come see yours! We have a lot in common! I just finished my CNA class and am going to go take the 2 state tests here soon (as soon as I have a minute anyway!) Good luck with everything and keep us up-dated!! I look forward to keeping up with your blog and going through this adventure with you :)


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