Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grades - Fall Semester 2012

Okay, so I am starting off a little shakey. I need to get focused. First tests of the semester: Math 1111 (ugh I really need to get through it this time and not withdraw) (85) on first test, Political Science (75) on first test but exceptional posts (taking it online). I also have an ART class, but the class is so random - you can choose 4 posts (also online) and respond for the entire semester. Ugh I cannot function like that - ADHD, I need to meet you with every week professor! I know I can do better and I will do better - heck my career depends on it! How about you share (or rather PLEASE SHARE) your studying techniques, organization skills, etc. (I swear I may have asked this in another post 2 years ago, lol).

I thought about trying to combine my daily life (outside of school) really in depth -family, work, etc. on my blog, but I'm sorry this is where I want to come to just be free and not really worry about giving the updates of the day to day juggles unless I absolutely feel it necessary or let's say someone asks... I am sure my posts will get more exciting the further into the process I get - but I will be honest, when I was searching for posts on Nursing School students, nurses, doctors, etc. no one really goes into detail on the "beginning" process, pre - reqs, apps, going the traditional route. I've read alot about direct entry, bridging, lpn-rn, students without children, already being in a program, etc. (I love the word etcetera). I am none of those - i am a non traditional 31 year old with 4 babies, no previous degree of any sort, a full time job, a husband and FULL responsibilities. I get nervous and sick as all get out whenever I think about having to actually give up my steady paycheck that I have received for the past 7 years with my company to begin full Nursing School. Who does that??? Am I whining? I am whining.

Sidebar: I cannot wait until Season 9 of Grey's hits!!!!!!!!! I have waited all summer for this - I tried to replace, well not replace (you just can't replace Grey's) okay, compensate with watching NYMed, while good - uhhh hello bring back some more episodes - I am sure it was just a feeler to see if the good people like it. Yes we do! But Grey's HECKS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My personal plan is to stay on top of your schedule.

    I used to print out the calendars for the semester. Fill it out early in the semester and cross off weeks completed as they happen.

    I also make a copy of course calendars, if given, and keep them stapled together and always at the reference that way I always know what is going on in a particular course at a particular time.

    I have a planner designated to keep school stuff in check and I also go through and fill it out after I have course calendars.

  2. Hello there, don't beat yourself up so bad. You're getting back into the swing of things right? Anywho, I found a lot of organizing videos on YouTube. One of my favs is nikkithebrat check her out. Btw I just love online classes because you can work at your own pace. I'm taking A&P2 online, Sociology and Human Growth and Development and my lab is on campus once a week. I don't however, work outside the house. I am a fulltime mom to three and I have a hubby!! Girls can do anything!!! Girl power!!!

  3. hi , just found your blog and on reading it i cant believe now alike our situations are . I'm 37 have 3 children, giving up full time work to follow my nursing dream and start universary in March 2013 :)

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  6. Hey girl! I miss you on Twitter. Glad to see you're back on the blog! :)

  7. Hey girl! Glad to see you back on the blog. I really enjoyed following you on Twitter. :) I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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