Friday, December 14, 2012

Is your semester over too?

OH MY GOOD LORD ABOVE! Thank you JESUS! It is finally ova! Do I sound excited? Well if I don't - let me try that again. WOOO HOOO it's finished, uh huh, it's finished! Alright now that I am calm, here's the breakdown:
Poli Sci (A) (FINALLY!!!)
Algebra (B) (I'll take it)

Okay, how many remember my struggle in math? I may have mentioned it about a gazillion times on here. NO MO! LOL. I'll be taking Stats in the Spring and I know that is a whole other monster to tackle. So for the Spring:
Chemistry and Lab
Fitness for living (WTH??)

Does anyone see something wrong with this picture? Let's pray I make it through Stats and Chem together. My brain literally feels like it is going to split. I can't wait to enjoy my holiday off (both work and school) - can someone come and borrow my children too? lol

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!

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