Monday, September 3, 2012

So Excited!

It is so much fun to log into my blog and see so many people interested in what I find to be interesting - NURSING! For a moment I got a little frustrated and didn't want to be bothered with blogging. Didn't think I had anything that interesting to say. But I can honestly say I was totally wrong. This is where I can freely pour my heart on the table (as much as HIPAA will allow:-) and if I am judged so what, you are able to freely pour your heart on the table as well even if that means judging. I have been given a second opportunity to share my experiences as I journey into my career that I call a passion. The road is a long one ahead - some have already traveled it and some are taking the same journey as I am, but through guidance, advice, tears, laughter, encouragement and everything in between it will be well worth it when we can proudly clock in with RN behind our names.

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