Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Utter Disgust

Imagine my surprise when trying to post a new comment on my blog today and I find out my office has now blocked any blogging websites that exist on the web! WTH? After 5 years, now they decide to monitor what people are doing. I mean come on, is someone doing something about those (that will remain nameless) who sit on Facebook all day long on company time? Oh wait a minute I am not totally blocked or rather (the employees) oh no, they allot us a quota time of 60 mins.. lol Translation: WEB SEARCH ON YOUR LUNCH BREAK OR NOT AT ALL! So now I have to wait to update until I get home since the screen on my blackberry is entirely too small to try to blog on it. NOPE AIN'T GONNA DO IT! Besides my hubby promised to get me a brand new laptop in a few weeks for school and of course since he sees how much I love to blog. Major disappointment today but so totally over it!

So here's something I will be writing about tomorrow:
The Honor Society of Nursing / Sigma Theta Tau International
Any thoughts on it?

Pssss... Pray for my hubby, he has been studying really really hard to pass his pre-calculus final which is this evening. I'd really appreciate it sweet friends!


  1. Bummer that they blocked you. :( My company has pretty much blocked anything fun. We don't even get 60 minutes. Fortunately, they haven't blocked blogs yet. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if they did!!

    Good luck vibes being sent to your hubby!!!

  2. Sigma Theta Tau--walking the halls of the nursing faculty offices at my school, nearly every single faculty has a plaque on their door. Can't be all bad...

  3. errrr-- I can email you any new posts. not that my blog is amazing or anything, but it beats nothin' at all ;) that's so lame. even the nurses in the nicu can get on facebook!

  4. Well, that's good u get at least 60 minutes! And once you have your new laptop, you won't want to blog anywhere else! :)


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