Friday, May 7, 2010

Good News, Bad News Bears and Fortune Cookies...

I hate when I miss a day of blogging. I feel empty inside, like I have missed out on something. Ever get the feeling? I have felt so down the last couple of days, no matter how hard I have tried to be positive. I am a positive person and my hubby is even more positiver (is that a word?) than I am. He's the type that still believes in Santa (for the kids of course). But he is so good about that, the pieces will just always fall into place. I want that kind of karma. I told you about the blocking of Blogger at work, well guess what? It is just me! A couple of others but mainly me (I guess) and it is easier for me to believe that it is just me in order for me to feel pathetic right now.. lol AND! It's up to the manager to request it! Now if you know the relationship we have you would really question why... But I won't. This was my push to keep my focus, to not lose ground and become content within my job; as I have. Now don't get me wrong I really like my job, but I want to love my Career. So I won't worry. Maybe it will all blow over, maybe it won't; but quite honestly my heart hurts too much to care.

We ate Chinese food Wednesday night. With Chinese food we always get the yummy fortune cookies but they most certainly don't last long enough for us to actually take a look at the fortunes inside. This time they did and we read every last one. I remember a while back I read a fortune, one of which I still have today; it said "You will make a name for yourself in the field of Medicine" that blew me away. I opened that fortune around the same time I finally made the decision to actually go to Nursing school. Wow... The first fortune I read said "You will get a surprise promotion" The second fortune that was read (my hubby) said "An unexpected event will soon bring you fortune". Now I don't know about the promotion (quite frankly that one seems like the total opposite is about to happen.. lol)but the second one, I do believe. It may not be money, but I will soon have a wealth of knowledge in the field I so desperately want to succeed in. Those words I will carry with me...

My financial aid has finally posted!!! Phew! Thank goodness, because I really needed some good news today. I think that was the best news I have heard all week, maybe this is a sign that the weekend will get better.

And the greatest news of all??? I may actually be starting the CNA weekend program next Saturday!! It will last for 11 weeks (May 15 - August 15) no Sundays. Now I have to make the final decision after looking over all of the details with my hubby. Get my PPD screening, pick up my criminal history, take my drug screening and register with all of my documents and a payment of $200.00. (Payments are made through time of exam)total of $695.00 not including scrubs. Scrubs color for clinicals is Georgia Bulldog Red! Not my most flattering color but okay. For class, it is your choice. I know it sounds like a mouthful to swallow, but after all of that bad news.. What choice do I have? I think this is the best decision making I have done in a long time. To think all I needed was a little internet push to try to crush my dreams before I really got the revelation... lol

We'll have to pick up on another date for the convo on the Nursing Honor Society. I am beat!!!! Hope everyone had a fabulous week!!


  1. Congrats!!! those fortune cookies were right on the ball! :) best of luck on the CNA program!

  2. I wouldn't feel offended about anything being blocked at work. The employer is ensuring that time at work is productive, since they are paying the wage...some hospitals will block the internet entirely. Some only block certain sites. Our work blocks FB, as well as a lot of other social sites (haven't checked blogging) but we can access internet. Internet browsing isn't discouraged at our long as we are answering calls in queue. Just remember - it's their internet connect....I have never been offended....when I worked at the prison doing nursing...not only do they block internet, but they would confiscate your cell phone and any other communication device. :)

  3. Thanks Guys for the words of encouragement!!! I really needed it after the week I have had!!

  4. Good luck in your CNA program! I am glad things seem to be falling into place for you.

    I have a fortune from a fortune cookie that I carry around with me everywhere. :)


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