Monday, May 3, 2010

This Day Ain't Great Either!


Ahhh!!! Thank you Mother Nature for knocking down the trees during the rain storm on the Interstate this morning causing my commute time to increase to 2 hours! Thank you diet for making me feel hungry all the @#%* time! Thank you CNA program that can only schedule the course if 6 people minimum have registered and PAID their money in advance. Ahhh!!! OMG, why is this happening to me? Will it get any better? NO! Thank you boss for taking the rest of the week off even though I wanted to ask for tomorrow off in order to get my PPD and MMR shot completed for my file for the CNA program I will probably never get to take. Thanks a @#%* lot for all of my run on sentences.. Who cares! My blog, my vent! I'm a good person, I fight for the rights of others, I just want to be a flipping NURSE. Am I asking for too much?? All the other pieces are falling into place, maybe I am overreacting? I'll take a step back and analyze the situation. I got accepted to the school I wanted to attend, we have the funds to get my CNA certificate, I am currently employed, I could have been underneath the tree on the interstate when it fell. Alright, I'm better....


Awww, thanks so much for stopping by... NOW SAY SOMETHING NICE!!

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