Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bait and Switch

I was so upset yesterday I didn't get a chance to blog. I wanted to wallow in my own sorrow. So I did... I told you Friday was my day for orientation at fantastic school in Georgia (fantastic my *&&) ok well it is still fantastic, but I was a little disappointed. I arrived at the school at 10:15, orientation begins at 11:00 so there is time enough for me to head to financial aid to check on the status. As my hubby figured, once you register, the system kicks in and your aid posts to your account. Great! I head out the door to make my way to the _____ _____ building. Can't find it, and the frigging map of campus they supply ~ seriously I have to figure this out? I am panicking, sweating, my outfit and makeup aren't so cute anymore. Quick, call hubby.. Me: Babe, how do I get to ____ ____ building? Hubby: Alright, follow the brick path, Me: uhhh there are three brick paths, one being across the campus green.. I have to walk all the way back over there?? Hubby: Well honey that is the only way I know to go, Me: (mentally ~ AHHHHH! Gee thanks (although I know I shouldn't be frustrated with him) Hubby: Ok, do you see the path through the tennis court, Me: NO! Hubby: You should, there is a parking lot. Me: Oh ok, so now where is the building? Hubby: It should be on the right, do you see it? Me: (panicking, anxiety attack, to the point of tears, I have only 5 mins to make it. OMG)NO! I DON'T SEE IT, YOU AREN'T HELPING ME, YOU NEVER HELP ME! (really bold of a statement to make that isn't true) Hubby: Calm down, you'll make it, send me a picture of the location. Me: No forget it, I don't need you to help me! (so wrong, in so many ways). Me: CLICK! (phone call to hubby, why did I just hang up on him) Excuse me, where is the ___ ___ building? Student walking by: It's the building in front of you. Me: Thank you! (running, out of breath, sweating) I made it with time to spare! Me: (phone dialing - I'm sorry baby, I should never have said those things to you, forgive me? Hubby: Yes, I know you are frustrated and nervous, I want you to have a good day, text me when you can.. Love you. Me: Love you too and thank you.. I'm in, the line is out of the door, dang I should have gotten here a little earlier, no biggie. I sign in, get my name tag, ok so I am not the oldest one here, phew! Wait, why do I have a letter underneath my name? What do you mean take this bracelet and skip the Majors table, huh? Go the other direction? Why? Does the letter mean I have to go sit in orientation with other Nursing majors? NO! Well what does it mean? My Compass scores, WTH? Fine, but I can choose my major later? Ugh whatever! I head into the auditorium with about 150 other "freshman". Blah, blah.. Fastforward to lunch break: Yeah!! So you want to be a nurse, and you, and you, oh you too? Cool! Obviously they broke up my group to Nursing majors, oh ok the Dean totally didn't know what she was talking about. Fastforward to registration time: WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN NOT TAKE ANY OTHER CLASSES UNTIL I REGISTER FOR MAT 097? Come on, they only offer that either in the day or evening - not online. Ok, there is a MAT 099 that combines 097 and 098? Not in the summer?? AHHH!!! Ok, stay calm, talk to the advisor. Me: Hi, do I have to take this class now, I had my entire schedule mapped out, I was going to take MAT 097 in the fall in order for me to complete my CNA course now and then some of my pre reqs for Nursing now. Advisor: Well yes, that is why your group was broken down into this orientation (separate from the others) you have to take it now, but you can register for your other pre reqs along with that for Summer. Me: No you don't understand, I work full time right now, I have to do it my way with my schedule, isn't there something I can do? Advisor: Hold on, let me find out.. No, I'm sorry, this is the only way. AHHH!!! OMG, I have to rearrange my entire dang schedule, (panicking, sweating, can I run out of the room, is it too late to apply to the state university? Come on brain. THINK, THINK! Call hubby! Me: explain everything, my life is over, the world has ended (in my mind anyway)Hubby: No, calm down, choose all of the classes you were originally going to take and we will find you a CNA program for weekend or just wait until Fall. Me: I can't wait until Fall, because I have to take 098 then, so back in the same boat. AHHH! Hubby: Just choose your classes for evening and online, we'll figure it out, we'll register for the other classes I am holding for you as well, hopefully that will work. By the way, it sounds like the old Bait and Switch theory (get you in, then say hey take this and shove it!)

I got my classes I wanted but I felt sick for the rest of the day. I wanted to cry, why does this happen? I am so close, yet so far. Why me? These are all the thoughts running through my head as I walk back across the campus green to the parking garage. I happen to notice, one of the girls who was apart of my orientation group is crying on her cell phone. She must feel the same way I do. Well she actually had it worse, come to find out, if you did horribly on the math portion of the Compass exam, you have more of a selection of your pre reqs and general core to choose from, on the other hand if you did horribly on the reading and writing, well screw you basically. The selection may be like 3 or 4. Guess which she failed? I felt like crap, so many emotions. I just wanted to get home, hoping I could get the 3 other classes my hubby was holding for me.

10:15 p.m. and we are down in front of the computer, will it work? Will there be someone out there waiting to get classes that are closed? Please oh please! Class 1 - we'll let go of Philosophy since I am already at 12 credit hours. I prefer to get my pre reqs done. Does it work? YES! Hooray! (I'll take that class at a later date) Class 2 - Psychology - Oh I really, really need this one... YES! Hooray!! Class 3 - Sociology, YES! Hooray again!! Thank Goodness, something worked out...

Now lets see if we can find you a weekend CNA course shall we? Forget the paperwork you have already completed with the local CNA program director. No money was exchanged yet, so this will be a cool breeze. ONE! Only one, you have got to be kidding me?? I am too late to register, has to be done 2 weeks prior to the beginning of class? Class starts in 2 weeks, lol of course it does!! AHHH! Ok, ok that's cool. I'll wait, call on Monday? Cool! Where are you located? - AHHH! All the way over there? Fine, that's reasonable.

In a sense it all worked out and yes I did get to choose my major, but the hoops that had to be jumped in order to get there. I guess anything worth having is worth fighting for.. right?

My schedule:

Tues and Thurs
English 1101 / 5:00 - 7:45 P.M.
Elem Algebra 0097 / 8:00 - 10:45 P.M.

Freshman Seminar
Political Science

Saturday and Sunday (beginning date - TBA)
CNA Course


  1. Sorry about that "follow" delete! It wasn't intentional.... :( I am still getting used to the blog thang.
    Your hubby sounds so sweet - just like my guy. The rock amid swirling estrogen (well in my case the estrogen is starting to peter out)
    Your school experience sounds along the lines of mine, and don't worry...this too shall pass. Once you are out working all the drama around school will seem trivial...almost don't let it get to your. Jump the hoops and hold your breath. That is what I did and it turned out ok. Oh. And if they say you can' it anyway. :)
    Thanks for the comments btw! :)

  2. @A Nurse: yeahh!!! thank you, I thought I lost you!!! I got all emotional!! lol. It's funny how you become addicted to your blog and take it as an insult if someone doesn't like it:-(.. I know cukoo, cukoo.. lol But I am glad you are staying!!! Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, I will look to you for advice for sure!!!

  3. Oh no! Man, what a bummer! I hope it all works out. Just remember, God has a plan and while we may not always understand it, it all works out and happens for a reason.

    Even though I'm not the most stable person right now, I still try to live by that notion.

    And I just tried to email you a comment response and your profile is set to no reply comment! BOO! So here it is :)

    I've been a master at keeping hardships hidden :) No one in my every day life has any clue about any of it (other than my parents). I try to not be a debbie downer and keep going through life with a good sense of humor. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words! I'm so glad you found my blog, you have such a beautiful, uplifting spirit about you!

    Hope you had a good weekend. By the way, one of my roommates in college was from Peachtree City, GA! No clue if that's near you, but yay georgians :)


  4. Oh geez! What a cluster. It sounds very similar to what I have been experiencing over the last year. You have a game plan in place and ready to go, then BAM! Something comes up and you have to change it all up again. I don't know about you, but I am so ready for something to go as planned for once.

  5. @Marianne: Girl! We have to keep in touch!! Thank you and you are so awesome!! I'm glad I found it as well and you know I check it everyday, lol even though I have your updates in the sidebar.. Blog groupie I guess!! lol... Had a great weekend, did you do the same? Peachtree City ~ not too far at all!! I have some co-workers that live down there. Yay Georgians!!!

    @It's Just Me: Don't worry this will all be over soon for the both of us! I am definitely ready for something to happen - something NICE!

  6. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading all that. Good luck!!

  7. I just started prereqs at a school in NW GA but live in TN. I feel ya on the rush to get it done and then blam! Obstacles. But I always get around them, praises!


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