Friday, April 30, 2010

Today is Orientation!

My day is starting out great!! As you can see my blog is now fixed~hooray!!! I had a great night's rest. Bought a new shirt and sandals for today, you know so I can look all cute and stuff and at least pretend to look as young as the baby students.. lol My hubby says I do... that's all that matters.. I looked online to see if I am able to register for my classes today and I CAN at 3:00 p.m. Thank goodness hubby already attends the school, he managed to hold some classes for me, since everything is pretty much gone. So now I am about to shower, straighten my hair and get fabulous! Orientation begins at 11 but I am trying to get there by 10 in order for me to stop by financial aid. As you know they still haven't posted any of my aid info. My hubby thinks they are waiting until orientation is complete to make sure the student is actually going to attend. Here's a listing of the classes I am hoping to get today:

Psyc 1101
Pols 1103
Soci 2105
Freshman Seminar
Phil 2200
Free Elective - Possibly

These are the only classes during the summer semester that I can take in conjunction with the CNA course I am taking starting June 1. Wish me luck!


  1. That sounds like a pretty full load. I hope you are able to get all the classes you need. :) Good luck at orientation!!

  2. Don't worry! I was older than the rest in my class also. ;) You will enjoy the classes....Good luck!

  3. @studentrntiffany: thanks alot!! I definitely needed that!!!!! Hope you are resting well!!

    @it's just me: I know I hope I am not killing myself. I just feel like I am so far behind and want to get through it, that is why I am going to go year round. Hopefully we will have some CNA stories to share!!!

    @A Nurse: Thank you so much!! It is so hard not to worry, when you feel like your life rests in the hands of others.. Guess you just make the best of it!!! One day I hope to be walking in your career field!!! I noticed you took me off of your followers list, I hope you haven't lost interest!!! The good stuff is just beginning!!!


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