Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick! get me a calendar...

I have been online studying for the past 5 hours. Reading, posting to discussions, trying to figure out how this dang TI-84 graphing calculator works! My head is officially swimming! I have figured out that no measly little pretty journal pad will hold all of my important due dates. Dates for exams, homework submittal, discussion post entries, quiz dates... NONE OF IT WILL FIT! Sooooo, I will either purchase or start printing off calendar sheets and I'll mark up those pages in red, green, purple, yellow and whatever color of the rainbow I can create. I am going to get it together and make it work. Somehow I'll have to pencil in my husband and children in between all of that, AND responding to my beautiful blogging peeps! Ahhhh! Is the semester over yet?


  1. if you have a gmail account there is a feature on it: Calendar...and you can put all your assignments, papers due, exams etc on it...color coded and you can set up tasks to remind you of due dates. I use my calendar for all kinds of things ... and you can print it up too.....

  2. I use a big desk calendar for the family, where my husband and I write in what we have going on each day, then I use an "uncalendar" for my personal, more detailed calendar. I LOVE IT!

    I hope your classes are going well. :)

  3. Oh sista I feel ya COMPLETELY!!!! :) My fiance calls the computer desk my new home since I am ALWAYS stuck at it! I am like you...I have to basically write down my life on a calendar. When I was accepted into the nursing program, my Dean of Nursing gave some great advice. She mentioned it was very important to have a calender, so you know exactly what you need to do and to make SURE you stick to it! That there is going to be A LOT of sacrifices, but to also make sure you pencil in at least an hour for your children. They will remember that precious hour you took out for them and it will stick with them throughout life. While she was in nursing school she did this and her son who is a grown man now, told her once how much it meant to him! I was touched when she told me this. So I have made sure to include a specific time for my 11yr. old and I. As for my 1yr. old, he always gets mommy time when I am constantly chasing after him! LOL! Anyways...Good luck on your classes this semester! Time to chase after the little one, try to get some studying in and eventually find some time to update my blog this morning!! :)

  4. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog - hope you don't mind if i follow along!

    Another option is Uncalendar. I LOVE mine - it has been super helpful in keeping my class and work schedule (and all my different colors for each!) in order. I think the site is uncalendar.com.


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