Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better days are a coming...

Well today was much better than yesterday. My classmate had to actually convince me to keep driving to the LTC facility this morning. I was mentally exhausted from just thinking about the place all last night. I did not want to go back! One thing I learned today was, not everyone has sympathy, compassion and just plain ole' respect for another person. The cna I was assigned to today, proved that there are some that do! She was awesome and so different from who I worked with yesterday. I LEARNED today! Wow! Once we got going at 7, we didn't stop! I now have only 3 more skills to be checked off on and then the rest is free floating on the floor.

My residents were amazing and some are so strong in their will for survival. I wanted to cry with some just because they were crying. I wanted to give big hugs to others and bring them home with me. There were those who apologized for every brief change and others who expected to be changed. What a mixed bag; and yet in some way they could all relate to one another in their struggle for independence. Due to hipaa, I won't go into details, but I will say that today I worked with "diseases" of all kind. Pretty scary and exciting wrapped in one big shiny bow. I definitely think tomorrow will be a great day, better days are a coming...

Thank you for the encouraging words that helped me get through the day:

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  1. there have been very many days where i just didn't want to go on working for very many reasons....mostly the "professionals" that I worked with...very rarely the patient themselves although at times that can get pretty frustrating. ....however... the thing is - we need those nurses like you that have compassion and actually care for people. LTC is especially important because a lot of those people are who worked hard to make our world a good one - as best they could. It will be all worth it when you are able to make some of the decisions .... hang in there! and - you're welcome!


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