Saturday, October 23, 2010

CNA Clinicals are over...

Oh thank you Lord! Thursday had to have been worst than Monday. I thought Thursday (the last day) would have been easy breezy. Not at all. I was left to do 4 showers by MYSELF! Ummm I am supposed to be shadowing you Ms. CNA, not doing your work! Come to find out, my instructor was friends with everyone at the facility WHO MADE MISTAKES, so of course I didn't feel comfortable telling her about all of the shenanigans that was going on. In fact I wouldn't have been able to tell any of the nurses because they seem to be the problem just as much as the CNA's. But it is over now, and a stomach bug with diarrhea and vomiting ended my week. Thanks oh great CNA clinical place, you all suck! I did however manage to make it to class today and pull out a 97 on my written final. All that is left now is my skills final which will be next Saturday and then State. I really want my Saturdays back...

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