Thursday, June 10, 2010

Algebra, it's not so bad after all...

I got it! I understand it, I love it. It's absolutely understandable and not that difficult IF you study and study hard. I studied my little booty off, wrote the equations, wrote them again on index cards (colored for those that are beginning to understand my need to stay organized and color coded) figured out the problem, wrote it again, wrote the rules, plugged it into my calculator (that I spent 120 dollars on)to doublecheck myself. And so... I had my exam on Tuesday night.. I got a 92!!! If you really knew my failure to understand the math language and how many nights I sat in my math class confused to 10th power (math then you would know 92 is just perfect! Hubby and I had plenty of 1:15 a.m. nights this past weekend with my faithful textbook and additional books I purchased from Barnes and Noble, but it all paid off and I couldn't be happier! And for that my hubby finally bought me my brand spanking new Dell laptop so I can post everywhere!!! Well it's really in order for me to stay on top of my online classes (which are kicking my butt). Summer semester is tough and I am taking a majorly heavy courseload, I am drained and exhausted and I should be writing a paper right now for Political Science but I just had to share my news. We didn't have class tonight (math) just an online review since my professor is in Hawaii. The negative to that was I had my English class at 5 and I wouldn't have gone, BUT we had an exam. ugh! Well off to complete my paper, and say hello to my bed. I think I have seen my husband tonight, not really sure.. lol, but tomorrow is another day!


  1. Great Result!!!! You should be very proud!!!!

  2. Good for you!

    Pace yourself, slow and steady wins the race. :)

  3. Congrats on the 92! I hate math but managed to do well because I would force myself to practice, practice, practice until I understood it. Don't you love that feeling where everything just clicks all of a sudden and you actually understand the concepts? Haha or is that just me? Hope the rest of your classes are going well!


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