Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday's are so Blahhhhhhhh...

I say that because I am exhausted and would prefer to be home in my bed right now, but nope I am in my office, scanning through Nursing articles, because hey, I can't wait to be a nurse. Know what I am saying?? I tried all weekend to blog, but my husband had so much studying to do and he likes me near when he is stuyding, just this weird thing we have.. lol So I was having nurse blog withdrawals, and just needed to see something on nursing. As soon as my hubby went to the grocery store, I watched re runs of Mercy. I don't even like that show!! She is so mentally screwed up. Ughhhh! But I got my quick fix. Yeahh!!!! I have been searching for a Nursing magazine subscription or articles (hardbound) that I can have delivered, without you having to be an existing nursing student, no such luck yet. If anyone has any ideas, that would be great! So yeah, next Friday, I go for orientation!!!! I have been planning out my schedule for the summer semester and it is pretty wack that I get the piddly classes that are left over from what the upperclassmen don't want:-( uhhh like my husband! But he was so sweet, he tried to hold some classes for me when he picked his classes, since he got to do that a whole month ahead of me and my incoming class... So messed up! But that didn't work, because as soon as he let one go that I didn't need, it was gone! Gone! in like 2.3 seconds of a minute! waaaaaa!! So hopefully I meet some really cool people next week like I did during my entrance exam, and no still no financial aid update... My hubby thinks they are waiting until next week after orientation.. So here is the breakdown of potential class selection, considering my hubby goes to school full time and we are trying to work around everyone's schedule with the babies including the sitter and the fact that I am starting the evening CNA program in June.

Possible Summer Classes starting May 10, 2010

Psychology - pre req
Sociology - pre req
English - pre req
Economics - program of study
Political Science - program of study
Mat 0097 - remedial (extra class - ughhh)

We'll see what happens next week...


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