Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Because...

Good Monday Morning!!! Ok so over the weekend, my husband and I had an ahh ha moment. You know the moment when that great idea hits you square in the face? Yes, that moment. Here we were drying the dishes, and it hits him, "why does such and such happen, just because?" So we went into stand up comedian mode, "why is it that when you are trying to get to work ON TIME all the stop lights turn red when you get to them just because?" Or "why does it rain on the weekend when you have outdoor plans, but it has been sunny all week while you have been indoors at work just because?" lol. So I decided to come up with a daily "Just Because" moment. Some will make you laugh, some will probably be only a moment that I have experienced, but some will make you say to yourself, she is surely right about that! lol. I hope you send some of your Just Because moments, make them as hilarious as you want!!! So here's mine for the day.. Why is it that 18 wheeler trucks drive on small two lane roads taking up 5 car lengths in the middle of rush hour traffic, Just Because...

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