Monday, April 26, 2010

Confessions... Shhhhhush please

So as you know I was given the Honest Scrap Award on Saturday - and I must say boy were the qualifications hard. Alrighty, here goes the moment we've all been waiting for: my 10 confessions that I must let you in on.

  1. Deep down inside of me, there is a woman who is a size 8, but she'll never get out because I love food. I have such a weakness for food, cakes, cookies, Baskin-Robbins' double chocolate milkshakes. I really, really want to be skinny.
  2. I hate when my husband does the laundry because he never folds the clothes and I hate folding clothes more than I hate passing up double chocolate milkshakes.
  3. I'm afraid I won't have enough friends to pass this on to.
  4. Needles, Vomit, Blood and Old People scare the heck out of me, but I want to be a nurse.. HUH?
  5. I'm very outgoing, but I think I smile too much which may make me come off as desperate or wanting to be acknowledged. One or the other it's still not cool..
  6. I need my husband to hold my butt in order to go to sleep at night. (you did say this was the Honest Scrap award right?)
  7. I'm addicted to Plug Ins & Febreze Noticables. I stand in the fragrance aisle for hours at a time, I'll buy different scents, but then I'll get mad because I didn't stick with my favorite plug in - Clean Linen.
  8. Call me OCD - enough said
  9. It drives me crazy that my flowers on here are behind (in the background) my blog, but I refuse to edit and lose my header because I love it so much.
  10. Have you ever gone the extra mile to prevent something from happening? Well look here, I do, OK? I wear fabric softener sheets in my pockets and I stuff them anywhere I can on my kids (sometimes I sneak them in my hubby's pockets too or in his pillowcase) so we'll always smell fresh even if we are a little stinky.. lol
And the BONUS

  • I blame my hubby for everything...

Now I need to decide on who I am going to award, and my how much fun that is going to be. Let me think on it! I'll get back to ya on that one...

Well now that I have gotten through that, let me just tell ya trying to wean a two year old off of the pacifier better known as THE PACI, is horrific! My son screamed so much, I got scared... lol OH MY GOOSHHHHH! I hope I have both ear drums in tact, probably not. That was definitely an Ahhhh moment, but he finally fell asleep and I thought twice about the Lorazepam I had in my hand..Umm so totally kidding on that one, but definitely would have been justified (don't you judge me, I know what you do at night.. lol). I probably can't wait up for my husband to get in from school tonight, I wouldn't be good company anyway, besides my nerves are SHOT!


  1. Funny! Ny hubby is the only one who does fold
    all the laundry!

  2. Psst....I sometimes will just spray the bedsheets and blankets with that spray stuff when they get stinky, instead of washing them. Don't tell. :-X

  3. @Studentrntiffany: how lucky you are!!! ok we can trade only for that.. lol Besides no heavy lifting for you lady...

    @AtYourCervix: That is hilarious!!!! Good idea. It can get just that busy sometimes. Kudos to you!! Have you ladies been awarded? Don't want to duplicate, but you both definitely deserve it!!!!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA oh my God, I literally just laughed out loud at the comment about your husband holding your butt! That's hilarious!!!! How do you not have 18 kids?

    and the one about the dryer sheets in the pants is really funny, too. And smart!

    Loved the answers :)

  5. @Marianne: LOL, it is so true, I am not making this stuff up!!!!!!!!! lol

  6. Ok, did you see my post about me being a habitual idea stealer? Um, yeah, I think I am stealing your dryer sheet idea. I have a thing for smelling good too and that, my friend, is absolutely genious.

  7. @It's just me:): I am telling you that is the best smell in the world, you just walk around with people saying "why does it smell like fresh laundry in here?" lol.. They haven't a clue, although you have to be careful, because sometimes (depending on where I placed them) they would fall out, and my co-workers started getting hip to me wearing them and would say "uhh Missy Prissy you lost your fabric sheet in the hallway" bah hahahahahaha!!!!


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