Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Son

The little man who evidently knew that he was going to be coming into this world, even when his parents were being told otherwise... Last July, after running a marathon, after losing over 100 pounds and after totally giving up all hopes of ever having anymore children - we got the surprise of our lives. God knows how to really show you who is in charge. My tubes were tied via tubal ligation three years ago. Cut, snipped, burned, crushed, etc. This little human being still managed to make his way through. I knew in my heart that I had him in my belly, even when I was placed on hormones to have aunt flow drop me a visit. Do you know that doctor swore up and down that I couldn't possibly be pregnant? I left the doctors' office more confused than when I arrived. Nothing like relief of being pregnant when you have hurled your dinner every night for 5 weeks and craved pizza to boot - all without knowing why your body has now become the enemy. I literally thought I was dying from some sort of unknown infection - BECAUSE NO ONE COULD UNDERSTAND HOW I COULD BE PREGNANT AFTER A TUBAL. Well let me tell you for those who don't believe it - I am proof that it most certainly does and unless you know the ins and outs of your body, you will believe that the moon is orange and that your body is a barren field for flies. My son is beautiful, growing strong and proves to be a miracle everyday. Believeably, he is the reason my passion for Nursing has gotten so much stronger that it drowns out any other thought. He is the reason that my heart is guiding me towards Midwifery. My little miracle can be anyone's little miracle. I am ready to help give back...

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  1. Interestingly enough, I have looked after many women who have delivered a baby after a tubal ligation! Apparently some women can have an extra tube that could be missed.

    Believe your body! :) Many MDs have been proven wrong.


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