Thursday, December 9, 2010

I just woke up from hibernation...

Sorry about that! My, my have I been gone for quite some time. Well let me try to catch you up. MY LIFE HAS BEEN CRAZY! I passed my CNA exam and received my diploma, which I have yet to have framed. I haven't scheduled my state exam yet (procrastinator?) nah, just running out of time to pull out of the sky. I will get to it though, I have to. I mean it only took me 20 weeks to complete, my entire summer and half of autumn. The semester at school just ended on Tuesday, thank ya JESUS! I managed to make it through 0098 (my remedial math) with a C, who cares! I passed! And I managed to pass the Compass. So I am done with remedial work! I made a B in psych and oh yeah made it onto the Dean's list last semester and received the letter in the mail last week. LAST WEEK! wth! What happened to punctuality? So I received my letter of achievement but that was quickly short-lived. Now that this semester is over, my gpa is 3.49 so hellooo, no longer on the Dean's list by one frigging point... I am however, extremely thankful that the semester is over and I have made it through one more period of bleakness. Journeying through, not knowing if I would be able to survive school, work, motherhood and wifery... lol My brain is sore, but I am sure it has grown two sizes more, (ummm too much Grinch who stole Christmas tonight). I've also begun to look into the possibility of becoming a PA (Physician Assistant). I have no idea if that will ever happen, but the possibilities seem promising. Let me know what you think about that....

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