Saturday, June 26, 2010

The life and times of a soon 2 B CNA

Today was AWESOME!! My first day in CNA class, 8 hours! WOW! Tons of information to soak in. More new people to meet, the day was busy busy. We had two quizzes, which was a bit intimidating considering we had to go through 4 chapters and then remember what we read. I did really great though I must say, only missed one question out of both quizzes.

We learned about the different facilities; long term, acute care, sub-acute, home health. How to treat the patients/residents. Shower, tub, and bed bathing techniques (we'll get to wash the "patients" (mannequins) in a few weeks. It was pretty neat and left me on cloud nine for the day. My hubby thought I looked so cute in my new scrubs (I will proudly be posting pictures of my scrubs and new Landau nursing shoes which are incredibly comfortable - OH YEAH AND MY BIG OLE' BOOKBAG / I got your comment NurseXY.. lol) There was one major adjustment for me, which was having to get rid of my manicured nails. No polish, no length, no gel, NOTHING! I have gotten my nails done since I was 16 years old, and now they are short, and polish-less. I am sure I will adjust, but for now I am sad every single time I look down at my hands AND I couldn't wear my engagement ring (only my wedding band) because the diamond kept putting holes in my gloves! The bright side to this is there is no more "tap, tap, tap" on the!

I have tons of studying to do, as well as some homework that needs to get done. Thankfully I have already completed what is due tonight, so I am pretty much all caught up - at least for the evening... lol It is now time to spend the so needed quality tine with my family, I miss them so!!!


  1. I can guarantee you won't miss your nails.. :)
    As for the engagement ring...I have worked with a couple gals that actually lost their diamond from their ring... :(
    They get hooked on everything.... :) I am glad u are enjoying the class. Actually that one photo of me in my honking big glasses was taken during my LPN class - me making a bed with one of my classmates in it...ahahaha I remember those days!


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