Thursday, June 17, 2010

Should be in class, but nope!

I'm home! Don't worry it's not bad, I promise. I haven't given up.. lol I had some work I needed to catch up on for my online Sociology and Political Science class. I emailed my Math and English professors to let them know that I would be online and would get the notes and do the homework. You see summer semester the homework isn't mandatory, it's strictly for the benefit of the student. I DO ALL OF IT! lol For those who know of the struggle I had in the beginning with my math class would understand. So I am home doing a lot of catch up, while my husband is out buying us a brand spanking new grill and lawn mover. Don't ya just love boy toys! lol As long as he mows the lawn he can have whatever he wants. I do hope to spend some time with him tonight, if only for an hour, I miss cuddling with him, but there is just so much to do in 24 hours and I need 28 hours plus some.

So guess who has some extra good news? Yep Me! I will definitely, officially be starting my CNA program on June 26th, for 11 Saturdays with clinicals the last week in August. That means that I will have to take vacation at work, in order for me to work! At the hospital that is...I am registered, and just have to go in tomorrow to take my drug test, but I am all set and ready to rock. I will be picking up my scrubs on Saturday (which I have already started scoping out). I get to wear any color in class, but (I think I may have mentioned this already since this was my second time checking out the program location before registering) during clinicals we must wear Georgia Bulldog red. Ugh! How bright and hideous. They definitely want us to stand out and be noticed. I have already picked out my Crocs, strap back, no holes with grips at the bottom, but I haven't decided on white or black. I can order other colors but only from online. I visited the Crocs store in Buckhead, but they didn't have all of the colors, so variety means shipping and handling fee...Anywhooo I am rambling, only to say that I will now be even more busy than I already am. Is that even possible?


  1. Huge congrats on the first leg of your journey!! Keep us updated!!

  2. YAY!! Glad you have your class all lined up. Sounds like we will be finishing right around the same time.

    I know you are swamped now, but summer will be over before you know it!


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