Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sensitivity - We lack it...

I know, I am a little late. I did say I would post this morning, but time got the best of me at work. So Sorry. Here's the breakdown. Listening?

Day 1 (Monday)
Have I mentioned I am on weight watchers? Well I used to weigh 280 pounds after my daughter was born and now I am way down in the low 180's. Good huh? Tell me about it, it would be even better if my husband (who might I add would be a size 0-2 if he were a woman)wouldn't tempt me with my favorite burgers and milkshakes, well he did good this time and didn't get the milkshake, but NO instead he brings home the warm, crispy baked doughy goodness with extra powdered sugar on it, the one that tastes like funnel cake at a theme park, woo those are so good, but I digress, here he comes, up the stairs (since he was just getting in from class)with the hot, smelling good bag, aghh I wanted to kill him, hello it was 10:30 P.M.! Hey, I had done well the entire day, ate my salads, counted my points, drank my water, walked/jogged 2.25 miles with my co worker and you bring this home, are ya freaking kidding me! I ate every last one, lol! And kissed him for it afterwards. He knew exactly what I needed; mentally, but my size 14 rumpus surely didn't! Humgph! Sensitivity issue #1

Day 2 (Tuesday)
Did I mention how great of a husband I have? and how crappy of a wife I am? Driving home from work, talking to my hubby on the phone; a routine we faithfully live by, laughing it up, haahaaa, baaahhhaaaa, everything is funny. Smooth ride home, no traffic, just nice. Alright this is going to be a nice night. Get home, pull into the garage, huh? do I hear music playing, slow music? It's 5:30 P.M. surely my little rugrats are still up running around. Walk inside, dinner is done (it normally is anyway, so no big surprise there, told you I have a great hubby)lights are dim, the kitchen is clean, WTH?? blinds are drawn, no kids around and my husband is on the sofa shirtless. See where I am going with this? Give hubby a big kiss, totally surprised, loving the mood, and the moment. In the midst of it all, I say ohhh let me run upstairs and kiss the kids. WTH! Have I lost my mind? Why would you want to kiss the kids at that moment? As I am walking towards the stairs, hubby says wait I have a surprise for you, and hands me the extra vaccuum I have been waiting for (seriously I was)I even played UNO and bet my card hands for it. There it was with 2 pretty blue bows on it. I kissed my husband and said I will be right back. again WTH! I run up the stairs, without seeing my husbands look of disappointment and not even realizing that I had hurt him, not taking the time to think about the effort that he took to plan this evening for us, or how so very little times like that moment we actually have. He came upstairs, with a look of defeat and just like that the mood was gone. I had the gall to still believe I did nothing wrong. We ate dinner, he left to play tennis, and what should have been a perfect night, turned out to be crap. Of course we made up, but it goes to show that we are so entwined with ourselves that if we just took a moment to look around we may be able to see that we are possibly hurting the ones we love and the ones who support our decisions the most. Sensitivity issue #2

Day 3 (Wednesday)
Work! Why do people walk into someone else's office and whisper to another co-worker about what another co-worker did???? Arghhhhh! Or enter a room and never acknowledge you sitting in there, uhh, yeah you're in my office jerk face. Well I guess I better build up my backbone for the nursing field, because hey I've worked with these people for over 4 years, imagine working with different people everyday!! Sensitivity issue #3

Well that's it for now, with my update of the week, and my sensitivity issues. I am sure there will be plenty more, but for now I am cool. But, I will tell you that sensitivity comes on both ends, yours and the receiver, let's just try to keep it to a minimum. K?

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I could especially relate to your "sensitivity issue #2" It's funny as mothers, our first instinct when we get home, is to greet our kids first! No matter WHAT situation comes up. Although...blinds drawn, dim lights, music playing, NO kids, AND a shirtless hubby waiting for you on the couch?!!! HMMM...I've been guilty of this myself, but I think you've got me beat! :)


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