Friday, April 2, 2010

Such a Slacker!

Ok, so I know I really, really, need to post. Such a slacker right? Wrong! Well kind of. hee hee. This lady's been busy alright? So I'm waiting to get into fantastic school in Georgia, fill out app, hubby completes FAFSA for me (being the wonderful accountant that he is) yep because the girl applying to nursing school finds filling out the FAFSA so tedious and BORING!!! Man, can't wait to hit those A&P books when I finally make it in. (not so boring eh?) (or IF i finally make it in). Finally, the letter!! Dear blah blah blah, we would like to welcome you to fantastic school in Georgia, hope that you'll succeed. blah blah blah. Yes, the day has finally come! After, a husband, 3 kids, a job as an executive assistant for a couple of years, which some might consider a career, BUT not I said the cat. Finally my time to shine, show the world what I got! Kick some medical bootie! Where in the world is my financial aid people??? How do they expect me to go to school without some financial assistance? Are they mad? I need some moolah! So I've worked and worked and worked as said assistant only to have no money to send my butt to school!! Post my aid people, so I can get this show popping. Until then, I continue to check my student account with my fingers and toes crossed that my status has changed since the last ten minutes that I have checked, or that by some miraculous feat, an email will come from fantastic school in Georgia's financial aid office to my work email that isn't even on file in their records. But hey a girl can dream right?

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  1. Hello, I'm so excited to read a blog from someone from Georgia!! Woot! I have to play catch up and start from the beginning. Cheers!!


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